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What you need to know before booking your lesson 

-  £28   30 minute lesson 

-  £28   30 minutes lesson online* 

-  £45   for a 45 minute lesson 

-  £45   45 minutes lesson online*

-  £158 Pack of 4 Lessons

-  £97   Pack of 4 Lessons (30 minutes)

(Packs of lessons are discounted and  meant to be used for weekly and regular classes, if you are unsure of your attendance you should buy a single lesson when you require)


* Online lessons (skype, WhatsApp, facetime etc.) are booked according to UK time (GMT). If you are booking from abroad make sure you schedule the right slot, the online booking calendar will ask you to set your time zone before anything else.

The slots are considered booked only after the payment.

  - Skype contact will be sent over email after the booking. 

  - When you add me as a contact on Skype message me with your name and the appointment date you have booked.   

For Bromley student policy visit


Studio Policy
Price list 2024 (Thornton Heath Studio)

Although I will try to be flexible, there are terms and conditions that you will have

to agree if you book a lesson. 


Booking Process 


  1.  For security reason, the first lesson is always booked in advance on the online booking calendar.

  2.  To avoid lessons overlap, make sure you come 5 minutes before your lesson. The same for Skype lessons. 

  3.  All minors need to be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian.


Cancellation Policy and Reschedule

  1. Regardless of circumstances, the full rate will be charged for all lessons cancelled                                                                           within less than 24 hours of the scheduled time

  2. Notification of cancellation or reschedule can be made by phone (including voicemail),                                                                  email or text

  3. Lesson fees are not refundable

  4. Lesson are Redeemable but not Refundable 

  5. In the rare case where a refund will be considered necessary, at the discretion of the                                                                      teacher, any handling, Paypal or processing fees of any type won’t be refunded.

  6. Students should not attend the lessons if they are ill. If it is believed that a student                                                                              is going to be ill for the lesson then it needs to be cancelled as soon as possible.                                                                                If a student turns up ill, the teacher reserves the right to discontinue the lesson                                                                                   and that lesson will be forfeited

  7. If a student arrives late, their lesson will still end at the scheduled time. If the teacher                                                                            in running late, the student will still be given their full-allotted time

  8. As good practice and the interest of the student, if teachers are ill, they reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the lesson even at last minute time. In this event the teacher will offer a suitable alternative to catch up for the lesson

  9. Lessons can, at the discretion of the teacher, be moved from in person at the studio to online via Skype, Zoom or other softwares. The teacher will try to give as much notice as possible in order for the student to make arrangements for it. By booking a lesson with BVS you agree to have your lessons either way.


  1. Lessons are always paid for in advance, by a minimum of 7 days

  2. Lessons will end around 5 mins before scheduled time so to allow student changeover

  3. Students are always encouraged to record their lessons for review and practice

  4. All first lessons involve an assessment of the voice, listening to the voice on scales as well as a song of the student’s choice. So the student needs to come prepared with a song in mind. The music and the lyrics will be provided at the lesson


Data Protection

  1. Students personal details will be held in the strictest confidence in accordance with the EU GDPRS (General Data Protection Regulation) and will be accessible only to LVC

  2. By booking you give the teacher permission to send you email and/or messages for confirmation, lesson reminder and newsletter. Students personal details will never be passed to any third party. If / when you no longer wish to receive these, please let the teacher know accordingly.

Covid 19 Studio Policy:

  • Keep social distancing of 2 meters rules at all times inside the premises.

  • Please wash your hands and sanitize them prior to your lesson before entering the studio and also after the lesson. 

  • Lessons will end around 5 mins before the scheduled time so to allow extra ventilation in the room and surfaces to be cleaned.

  • Make sure you wear your face mask at all time. Masks can only be removed during the lesson when you take your place at safety distance and behind the clear screen. When your lesson is finished you will have to wear the mask again before leaving the room.

  • Only the student is allowed in the teaching studio. If you are a parent and your child requires your presence during the lessons please make sure you contact me in advance.

  • If you show any cold/flu-like symptoms, feel unwell or are unsure, please do not come in – we will still do our singing lesson online. Our cancellation policies remain in place, however, we will offer flexibility where applicable. If you have been in close contact with someone who tested C-19 positive, are directed to self-isolate, or are found to be positive for Covid-19, please inform me.

  • The use of the microphone is suspended until it will be safe to use it again.

  • All lessons / Block of lessons are valid 6 months and  from the date of purchase. In case of emergency, lockdown, and studio closures or any sudden happenings which will prevent me from teaching in person at my facility, lessons will be automatically moved online. By booking your lessons you agree to do it either way.


By booking a lesson you AGREE with the terms and conditions above 



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